Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Sina and the eel

My Taniwha

A long, long time ago, there lived a Taniwha called Waikato. She liked to swim and loved her home. She had a friend called Moana  ( her best friend ) and they all always spent time a lot together . They swim together in the rivers. Moana likes to explore with her best friend. They live near so they could visit any time.


Refection : I think my Taniwha is looking great , 
although I could have done well on my colours
and make it even better.

The Bearded Lady

The Bearded Lady

The lines on her face tell a stressful story of disappointment. Her crow’s feet told a painful life and her face shows a hard life but also shows bravery in her. Her beard starts beneath her ears and starts growing it’s way down her cheeks and below her chin. Her beard is well treated and has been cut 2 cm low. Her eyes show anger as she sings.
Her raven hair is crowded together as she feels too worried to show the personality of who she really is. Her hair starts from above her head and grows down to her shoulders. Her personality shows that she is sorrowful and has pain stuck in her but can’t seem to find her way out of this miserable life but she fights to find her place in life.
By : Ameena

Refection: I like my bearded lady
it had a lot of detail maybe I 
could add more simile in 
to my bearded lady.  

Thursday, 7 June 2018


The pungent odor filled the air,  mountains of junk was everywhere. The rusty boxes filled with stuff that hasn’t been use or wanted. As Estha was walking around with her shopping trolley she found a old decrepit then she sat down in the car and found a  Christmas air freshener, excitedly she found a small musical box in the back of the driver's seat. She opened the musical box she found a diamond  it was sparkling like fireworks. Excitedly she went back to her old hut where she lives. Then she put the old crops and put them together to make something magical.
Slowly she got her matches. And light up the candle then she put the bake beans can on the candle in position. She put the can on top of the candle, Esther held the diamond ring up and then her hut started sparkling like diamonds. 5 minutes she fell asleep and then she thought about her dream.

Refection: I think that I had a good
vocabulary next time I would want
to use dad wavers in my writing.