Thursday, 7 June 2018


The pungent odor filled the air,  mountains of junk was everywhere. The rusty boxes filled with stuff that hasn’t been use or wanted. As Estha was walking around with her shopping trolley she found a old decrepit then she sat down in the car and found a  christmas air freshener, excitedly she found a small musical box in the back of the driver's seat. She opened the musical box she found a diamond  it was sparkling like fireworks. Excitedly she went back to her old hut where she lives. Then she put the old crops and put them together to make something magical.
Slowly she got her matches. And light up the candle then she put the bake beans can on the candle in position. She put the the can on top of the candle, Esther held the diamond ring up and then her hut started sparkling like diamonds. 5 minutes she fell asleep and then she thought about her dream.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

How to climb Stack'em

        How to climb Stack'em
                               By : Ameena
Hello there, would you like to know how to be successful at Stack’em? Well you really have to experience what it’s like, no matter what happens.
Step 1. Put on your harness now, if you are stuck you can put the harness on the ground then your legs in the small holes and bring it up. Next, tighten the straps around your legs and then your waist.
Step 2. After you have done that go to your instructor and they will tighten it for you so you don’t fall or hurt yourself. Here comes the scary part, climbing Stack’em.
Step 3. Now you have to stack crates and stand on them so you can get the highest score. My score was 13 because I finished all of it and got right to the top.
Well, my scariest part was the wobbling of the crates but I had to keep my balance otherwise I would have fallen.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Movie Review

Boss Baby 
“Behold our enemies…. puppies!!!  I have to control everyone in this house until the mission is over!” 
This dreamworks animations movie is a sure hit! Yes we are talking about Boss Baby! a movie that incorporates a huge amount of cartoon drama and loads of humour.  Alec Baldwin has done an outstanding job of voicing the lead role of Boss Baby.  He created a fast paced atmosphere with his amazing voice as a secretive baby who is on a very important mission to find out which is the new puppy.
Boss baby has an older sibling, Tim Templeton, voiced by Tobey Maguire who is a creative and imaginative 7 year old boy.  Apparently Tim doesn't want Boss baby in his house or in his happy family.
Staci, the sidekick of Boss Baby, is a cute little animated girl with white diapers and 2 tiny ponytails. She wants to help Boss Baby complete his mission to find out who the new puppy is.  Staci is voiced by Viviann Yee .
This film is a must see but you will need painkillers with it because your going to laugh so much that your throat will hurt.  Boss Baby has an interlocking story of missions and hidden identities which you will enjoy. Our recommendation is that every kid or adult should watch this movie as there are some hilarious scenes that everyone can relate to.  If your day is going bad, things are about to change.  
This movie deserves a 4.5 star rating because the humour is placed perfectly in all the scenes along with spectacular clear animated images.
By : Moksha and Ameena